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What doesn't kill you...Mental Health Aware

What doesn't kill you...

...makes you stronger???

It's a well used phrase and, for the most part, it's largely true. However, sometimes, it really doesn't feel true. It may be something traumatic or it could be a series of events or circumstances that finally don't actually kill you, but they don't make you stronger either.

It is not unusual for us, as therapists, to begin an aromatherapy massage and to find that the client breaks down in tears during treatment. For us, this can be a good sign. The aromatic oils work on the brain as well as the body to stimulate your senses. The warmth of the therapist's hands are a comfort also. Crying during the massage is a sign that you're mind and body are wanting release and are finally ready to begin the process.

Making time for yourself is NOT selfish or an indulgence. It is a necessity and an essential part to recovery.

Depending on your circumstances, this may be all you need. But if you need more help, we are fortunate enough to have connections with a number of great mental health therapists who have helped people through different issues.

I always say, if it's not broken, don't fix it. But if it is broken, or even beginning to break, getting the right help quickly is extremely important to enable you to be well soon.

You wouldn't leave a broken arm to mend itself and hope it will be ok would you?

So why do I NEED a facial anyway?"

I appear to have great, not being big headed here, but I do receive lots of compliments and questions about what I use.

It's fair to say that my skin isn't actually that great in reality. Eczema in childhood meant skin stripping ointments which, over the years, gave me a healthy respect for what I could and couldn't use on my skin, to avoid any flare ups.

So my apparent "great skin" isn't by accident!

But, if it's looked after, is there really a need for a facial then?

Well, a lot depends on your own skin type, condition and whatever is happening in your life! And I've been reminded of this very recently!

As some of you know, I took a bit of a fall recently and managed to break my right arm. It's been a tad sore and inconvenient (understatement!) but I've coped with help and a pretty useful left hand. However, despite my resolute adherence to my usual skincare routine, my complexion has suffered.

I've had spots!!!! UGHHH!!!

I know...some will be saying "big deal" and I can hear the eye rolling too, but for me, this is a big deal - I just don't get spots normally. And then there's how it it's coated in something and in need of a really good scrub! All in all, it's lost its vitality, bounce and shine. The temptation is to change my regime and for most, that means spending on different products to try to fix it.


Medication and stress (more frustration that everything takes twice as long) have taken their toll. I am pretty certain that my usual routine is pretty good (I should know what I'm doing, right?).


I know that, with a couple of treatments, my skin will receive the tonic it needs to get back on track and then my usual routine will be all it needs.

So, to answer the title question, just keep checking your skin. If it's not broken, DON'T FIX IT!

But if your skin just feels a little off, book yourself in for a treatment and have a chat with your therapist. Tell her what's happening, how it feels and if there have been any changes recently. Yes, she will probably ask you about your skincare routine to see if it's missing a trick. However, it may just be that you just need a tonic treatment, a couple of skin boosters to help rebalance the temporary glitch, rather than an expensive complete overhaul of your bathroom cabinet!